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Pastor of Worship and Outreach

Grace Community Church of Seal Beach, California, is seeking a Pastor of Worship and Outreach to guide and coach our outreach efforts and to design and lead worship at the church’s Sunday services.

We seek someone who has a heart for God, is an example of a Christ-follower, has both theological and practical understanding of what God is doing through His people, and can help others understand the Gospel simply but accurately in its facets of corporate and individual worship, speaking the good news of Christ to others, and doing good in the name of Christ.

In the area of worship, he will help others engage in worship; recruit, disciple and develop worship teams; strongly articulate a philosophy of worship on the biblical/theological level; have familiarity with contemporary CCLI top 100 songs, as well as in classic hymns of the church, and an appreciation for choral music in support of the generational diversity at Grace.

In the area of outreach, he will help equip the church to express Christ’s love for others by connecting them with compassion ministries that we partner with and equip the church to share their faith through testimony training and evangelism ministries, such as Alpha, designed to bring people to a point where they become worshipers of God.

The Pastor of Worship and Outreach will

  • Be the worship pastor who can lead the congregation into reverent, joyful, participatory worship of God.
  • Plan and produce the Sunday worship services in cooperation with the teaching pastors and the Worship Committee in support of the teaching theme using music, prayer, art, drama, readings, video or other methods.
  • Be the music director who equips volunteer musicians, singers, and technicians for success. This will include recruiting, training, correcting, celebrating, and shepherding them at all age and ability levels and in various settings.
  • Shepherd the lay leaders of our Compassion Ministry Team, Alpha and other outreach-oriented programs.
  • Equip others to share their faith by a variety of methods. We seek a pastor with a heart for evangelism, but we do not expect or want a surrogate who does evangelism, compassion and worship for us. We need a coach who helps us as individuals and as a body to do them better.
  • Be in relationships during the week with people throughout the greater Seal Beach area and help them connect with the congregation when they visit Grace.
  • Occasionally fulfill formal preaching and teaching duties.

The Pastor of Worship and Outreach will

  • Be a mature disciple of Jesus Christ with a heart for worship, sensitive to the continuous presence of God through the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of a strong prayer life.
  • Have experience leading others to become followers of Christ.
  • Have a consistent background of proven volunteer recruitment and development.
  • Have the ability to play guitar (and/or piano) at a worship leadership level with sufficient musical skill that it does not require much thought, freeing the leader to sense the Spirit’s guidance during congregational worship.
  • Have the ability to play other relevant instruments (drums, bass, keys, etc) well enough to coach volunteer musicians on how to perform and improve.
  • Have some formal theological training (Christian college or seminary degree preferred), manifesting a thoughtful and coherent understanding of what worship services should facilitate on a weekly basis in the souls, hearts, and lives of believers and non-believers.
  • Have a deep knowledge and memorization of scripture to be used throughout worship.
  • Exhibit enthusiasm for our Statements of Faith, commitment to our teaching positions, and support for Brethren distinctives.
  • Possess an appreciation and understanding of a variety of Christian music (gospel songs, modern/contemporary worship songs, traditional hymnody, choral music, etc).
  • Commit to full-time ministry at Grace Community Church of Seal Beach.
  • Have experience working in a multi-site or church plant (a plus).
  • Have administrative skills, experience supervising part-time staff and working in collaborative teams on a previous church staff.

A successful candidate will be characterized by

  • Humility: works as part of a pastoral team; is mutually submissive; has the attitude of rendering service without expecting acclaim; takes joy in seeing others excel; is willing and eager to embrace a variety of music that leads to congregational participation; is authentic and vulnerable in admitting where personal improvement is needed as an example to others.
  • Love: must love the people of Grace Community Church and the greater Seal Beach community as we are; cannot be a person who wishes this were a different kind of church, but must want to lead us in becoming a better version of who we are.
  • Pastor’s heart: doesn’t see people as problems, but has compassion for others and a desire to bring the congregation to God in worship.
  • Enthusiasm for all-ages ministry: needs to be excited to lead all generations in worship and outreach efforts, since Grace is an inter-generational church.
  • Desire to learn: is a lifelong learner who wants to continually improve as a pastor, musician and disciple of Jesus, with the vision to see where improvement is necessary
  • Cooperative Spirit: is comfortable working within the framework of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, especially as it pertains to Threefold Communion and triune immersion baptism.
  • Gospel-centered Life: exhibits a life in which Jesus is Lord and the Gospel is at the center of how they see themselves rather than adherence to legalism, able to balance the tension of Christian liberty in that “all things are lawful but not all things are expedient” (1 Corinthians 6:12).

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Phone: (562) 596-1605

Job post will expire: 12-Dec-14

Associate Pastor of Student Ministries

Student Ministry Pastor (This is a permanent, full time position with benefits)
Community Grace Brethren Church, Warsaw, IN Primary

Purpose of the Position: To lead students and the student ministry staff team of Warsaw Community Grace Brethren Church to new levels of excellence in fulfillment of the church’s vision to glorify God by being Christ followers who make Christ followers.

Community Grace is a warm church family with a rich history of high-impact student ministries. We value a staff culture where life change happens in community. The successful candidate will be highly relational, theologically strong, loves students, and has a passion for discipleship, small groups and Christ centered relationships.

To Apply: Please send a cover letter and resume to Pastor Roy Chapin at No phone calls, please.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Serves as the primary pastor-teacher and leader for the CGBC student ministry.
  2. Identifies recruits and equips all student ministry volunteer staff.
  3. Creates a growing student ministry small group discipleship structure and culture that upholds the values of Know, Love, Learn, Serve, and Reach.
  4. Warmly engages with students so that they experience the love of Christ in his personality and ministry.
  5. Equips students for a lifestyle of high-impact ministry and Christ centered relationships.
  6. Helps parents to learn and own their primary disciple-making role in the life of their student.
  7. Manages the student ministry budget with wisdom and excellence.
  8. Leads student ministry participants in special trips and conference opportunities.

Position Requirements (Some requirements are contingent upon the skill and experience of certain candidates.)

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Meets the qualifications of an elder in 1 Tim 3 and Titus 1.
  • Gifted in communicating Bible truths to students.
  • Agrees with the doctrinal statement of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches.
  • Has small group leadership vision, passion and skill.
  • Creates space for relational involvement with students and staff.
  • Loves students and shepherds them well.
  • Understands how to equip students to lead their peers.
  • Possesses competency in recruiting, supporting, coaching and directing volunteers.
  • Understands student ministry culture and leadership requirements. • Displays excellent boundaries with students and volunteers.
  • Enjoys connecting with people of all ages.
  • Has developed competency in supporting, coaching, and directing volunteers.


  • Is experienced in student ministry leadership training.
  • Pursues spiritually forming discipleship and accountability relationships.
  • Equips and manages volunteer teams for high-impact ministry experiences.
  • A candidate with worship leader experience and/or is bilingual in Spanish would be a plus, but not a requirement for this position. [Spanish is an asset due to our desire to support and expand our Spanish speaking ministry.]
  • Has used and equipped students for leadership roles.


College, Bible College, and/or Seminary (preferred)

Spiritual Gifts:

  • Primary - Leadership, Teaching, Shepherding;
  • Secondary - Encouragement, Discernment, Administration


Job post will expire: 11-Dec-14

Student Ministry Pastor


Kish Valley Grace Brethren Church, located in central PA (Reedsville PA), is group of approximately 200 regular attendees, whose mission is to help people find REAL person at a time. We are seeking a man whose primary responsibilities would be to train, work with, and equip leaders to oversee Student Ministry’s weekly Sunday eve gathering (about 20-30 teens and 6 leaders) and Sunday morning Sunday School ministry. Also included would be to effectively address all levels of spiritual needs in the students, and guide the leadership team in a strategic, purpose driven plan for events and outreach activities. There is a need to communicate with student families, looking for opportunities to minister to them as well. In addition, there would be some limited involvement with oversight over our existing Children's Ministry Director, and sharing some associate responsibilities, when needed, with the Lead Pastor. General qualifications are Bible Degree and 5 years of Student Ministry experience (both negotiable).

If this seems like something God may be calling you to, and you would like further information, please contact us. Email or phone: 717-667-2500.


Phone: 717-667-2500

Job post will expire: 08-Dec-14

Pastor of Family Ministries

Grace Church in Powell, Ohio is looking for an energetic, engaging, leader to be our Pastor of Family Ministries. We are a church of 1,000 people with a children’s ministry of approximately 300 kids in our Sunday morning and Tuesday evening ministries. This person will come along side the children’s ministry team made up of elders, deacons, and key leaders who are involved in Grace Kids Ministry. We would be happy to send you more information on this position. Please email a resume, cover letter, or anything else that would represent you and the breadth of your ministry abilities.


Job post will expire: 25-Nov-14

Pastor of Family Life and Discipleship

Martinsburg Grace Brethren Church is actively seeking a full-time Pastor of Family Life and Discipleship. Parents are critically important in shaping a child’s concept, perception and experience of God. The goal of the Pastor of Family Life and Discipleship is to bring the church alongside families to support them in the process of exposing them to the gospel and developing stronger – Godlier family relationships. The Pastor of Family Life and Discipleship will minister to parents, children, and grandparents. Martinsburg Grace Brethren Church believes that God intends to make himself known through effective discipleship within the family unit. Faith in him through his Holy Word will be passed on generationally. Families and churches will be stronger when the two function together. When churches come along side families and families are fully integrated into the body of Christ they become durable and growing entities bringing glory to God. The Pastor of Family Life and Discipleship will be the catalyst providing leadership, guidance and planning to impact families with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The goal of the Pastor of Family Life and Discipleship is comprised of two general components: • To support and strengthen families inside the church by developing and sustaining effective discipleship, small groups and other ministry strategies. • To share the gospel message with families outside of the church that need Christ through effective relationships, outreach and assimilation strategies. Martinsburg Grace Brethren Church operates under a unique team leadership approach. The Pastor of Family Life and Discipleship will work alongside the Executive Pastor, Elders and other staff to generate vision and direction for the church. He will provide input into the overall focus and methods of the church. His giftedness will be valued in the process of shepherding this body. He will split Sunday morning preaching duties with other pastors on staff. He must be a gifted speaker - willing to preach/teach the word of God in a way so that it is practical and applicable to our culture today.


Phone: 814-793-2513

Job post will expire: 27-Oct-14

Children's Ministries Director (part-time)

Grace Church at Willow Valley is looking for a part-time director for its Children's Ministries. The director is responsible for the oversight of the various children’s ministries in the church. These would include Sunday School and Elevate (children’s church ministry), our Lion’s Den Nursery ministry, AWANA (Wednesday evenings, October – April), and our Edge 56 ministry (Sunday mornings for 5th and 6th graders). If you are interested in being considered for this position, please submit a cover letter and resume to Pastor Alec Millen at If you have questions about this opportunity, please email Pastor Millen.


Phone: 7174642782 x123

Job post will expire: 23-Sep-14