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Pastor of Family Ministries

Grace Church in Powell, Ohio is looking for an energetic, engaging, leader to be our Pastor of Family Ministries. We are a church of 1,000 people with a children’s ministry of approximately 300 kids in our Sunday morning and Tuesday evening ministries. This person will come along side the children’s ministry team made up of elders, deacons, and key leaders who are involved in Grace Kids Ministry. We would be happy to send you more information on this position. Please email a resume, cover letter, or anything else that would represent you and the breadth of your ministry abilities.


Job post will expire: 25-Nov-14

Pastor of Family Life and Discipleship

Martinsburg Grace Brethren Church is actively seeking a full-time Pastor of Family Life and Discipleship. Parents are critically important in shaping a child’s concept, perception and experience of God. The goal of the Pastor of Family Life and Discipleship is to bring the church alongside families to support them in the process of exposing them to the gospel and developing stronger – Godlier family relationships. The Pastor of Family Life and Discipleship will minister to parents, children, and grandparents. Martinsburg Grace Brethren Church believes that God intends to make himself known through effective discipleship within the family unit. Faith in him through his Holy Word will be passed on generationally. Families and churches will be stronger when the two function together. When churches come along side families and families are fully integrated into the body of Christ they become durable and growing entities bringing glory to God. The Pastor of Family Life and Discipleship will be the catalyst providing leadership, guidance and planning to impact families with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The goal of the Pastor of Family Life and Discipleship is comprised of two general components: • To support and strengthen families inside the church by developing and sustaining effective discipleship, small groups and other ministry strategies. • To share the gospel message with families outside of the church that need Christ through effective relationships, outreach and assimilation strategies. Martinsburg Grace Brethren Church operates under a unique team leadership approach. The Pastor of Family Life and Discipleship will work alongside the Executive Pastor, Elders and other staff to generate vision and direction for the church. He will provide input into the overall focus and methods of the church. His giftedness will be valued in the process of shepherding this body. He will split Sunday morning preaching duties with other pastors on staff. He must be a gifted speaker - willing to preach/teach the word of God in a way so that it is practical and applicable to our culture today.


Phone: 814-793-2513

Job post will expire: 27-Oct-14

Children's Ministries Director (part-time)

Grace Church at Willow Valley is looking for a part-time director for its Children's Ministries. The director is responsible for the oversight of the various children’s ministries in the church. These would include Sunday School and Elevate (children’s church ministry), our Lion’s Den Nursery ministry, AWANA (Wednesday evenings, October – April), and our Edge 56 ministry (Sunday mornings for 5th and 6th graders). If you are interested in being considered for this position, please submit a cover letter and resume to Pastor Alec Millen at If you have questions about this opportunity, please email Pastor Millen.


Phone: 7174642782 x123

Job post will expire: 23-Sep-14